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SYSTEM OF QUALITY: All our products are made of materials which possess "eco-standard" quality.

PIROĆANAC Ltd - Production and wholesale of cotton clothing for children and adults.

BABY PROGRAM: baby shirts, baby underwear, body shirts, bibs, baby kits, diapers, sleeping bags

CHILDREN`S PROGRAM: athletic shirts, panties, sleepwear, shirts, body shirts, boxer shorts, T-shirts, underwear, long underwear

WOMEN`S PROGRAM: underwear, sleepwear, long underwear, body shirts

MEN`S PROGRAM: underwear, sleepwear, long underwear, body shirts

HOME TEXTILES: towels, patchworks, blankets, pillow cases, curtains, matrace covers

"Pirocanac" Ltd was established in 1996 and since then, its primary goal is creating representative items, underwear,
sleeping program and baby clothes. This is why it has over 70 professional staff members.

In addition to the modern production in Arilje, the company sells its products in Serbia and Montenegro through wholesale centers in Belgrade, Novi Sad, Nis and Cetinje.

We have long years of successful cooperation with more than 600 retail objects across the country.

The company has offered a complete production program to its customers through a chain of retail shops in Belgrade, Jagodina, Gornji Milanovac, Nis, Uzice and Arilje also. Besides Serbia, our products are available in Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina as well.

For almost two decades of successful work the designer team follows fashion trends and they use only high quality cotton materials to create pleasant and winsome baby, children, women`s and men`s clothes.

"Moskito", "Piruette" and "P-Max" are brands that combine collections for all ages.

The manager team has a primary task to listen to the needs of the customers and to direct the production process to more satisfied customers who will spread a good word about quality products available to everyone.


Wholesale PIROĆANAC, Španskih boraca 10
tel:. 031/310-00-91 fax. 031/894-709

Retail sale PIROĆANAC, Španskih boraca 10
tel:. 031/894-709

Wholesale PIROĆANAC, Dimitrija Dragovića 43
tel.: 018/223-349 018/277-065

Retail sale PIROĆANAC, Dimitrija Dragovića 43
tel.: 018/223-349

Wholesale NEKSUM, Vojvode Stepe 249-251
tel.: 011/397-11-02 011/249-25-58

Wholesale STEFAN, Smederevski put 39A
tel.: 011/803-66-07 011/803-66-06

Retail sale PIROĆANAC, Ratka Mitrovića 164
tel.: 011/231-07-17

Wholesale STEFAN, Ustanička 2A
tel.: 021/633-79-09 021/633-79-10

Retail sale PIROĆANAC, Vojvode Milana 9
tel.: 032/717-813

Retail sale PIROĆANAC, Maksima Gorkog 1
tel.: 069/189-45-23

Retail sale PIROĆANAC, Dimitrija Tucovića 92
tel.: 031/500-475

Retail sale PIROĆANAC, Tržni centar bb
tel.: 031/846-376

Retail sale PIROĆANAC, 27 marta 4
tel.: 069/389-45-23

Retail sale PIROĆANAC, Miloša Obrenovića 45
tel.: 011/872-04-85

Retail sale PIROĆANAC, Miloša Velikog 11



TRIM Ltd, Save Burića 2
tel.: + 382 (0)41 232 668

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Arilje underwear
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The company was found in the end of 2000year. We still deal with importing and selling Italian piece goods.
Our products provides the textile industries, but the commerces too.

We have more retail objects in Beograd and in Kraguljevac, but we have wholesale warehouses too.
Our company is working with the lot of retailers through the territory of Serbia, like NoviSad, Subotica, Pozarevac, Valjevo, Pozeg, Priboj, Nis, Jagodina, etc.

This time we notify our existing and future customers to visit us in our small objects and warehouses to see the quality and the price of our products.

Our interest and our desire is to work with more trades together, because in our wholesale you can find all of the products and materials what can be necessary in shops. If we dont have the ordered piece good, we can get it.

Veleprodaja Beograd

Auto Komanda ul. Tabanovačka 5
Tel.: 011/397-47-54 Fax: 060/332-26-04

Maloprodaja Beograd

* Bul. Kralja Aleksandra 156
Tel.: 011/245-61-21 Mob.: 060/332-26-08

* Vidikovac, ul. Vidikovački Venac 80 v
Tel.: 011/234-21-02 Mob.: 060/332-26-01

* Žarkovo, ul. Trgovačka 30b
Tel.: 011/239-35-53 Mob.: 060/332-26-02

* Prizrenska 4
Tel.: 011/26-86-849 Mob.: 060/332-26-03

* Vojvode Stepe
Mob.: 060/332-27-03

Veleprodaja Kragujevac

* ul. Braće Marić br. 1 (Avalska br. 88)
Tel.: 034/325-800 Mob.: 060/332-27-04

Maloprodaja Kragujevac

* Bul. Kraljice Marije br. 1
Tel.: 034/361-595 Mob.: 060/332-27-01

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distributing textiles
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fabric per kilogram
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furniture material
furniture material sale
furniture material wholesale
furniture materials
home textiles
household textiles
import home textiles
Italian fabrics
jean material
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Put 22 Avgusta bb
Arilje, 31230
Tel.: 031/894-222
Fax: 031/891-946
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The company is occupied with production and sales of quality home textile products. It was established 20 years ago.

Stefan company has a wide range of products. Produce bed sheets, quilts, towels, tablecloths, covers, cushions "Comodo", yoga covers, beach chairs, mattresses, handkerchiefs, aprons, table cloths, bathrobes.

In its product range we offer a complete program for hospital and hotel bedding, children, garden, textile shoulder strap program. All our products have their standard dimensions.

Other information:

* Sales
Tel.: 031/893-323,
* Representative
Tel.: 011/8036-511,
* Representative
Novi Sad, Ustanička 2a
Tel.: 021/6337-910,
Tel.: 021/6337-909

More contacts:

  • Prodaja
    Tel.: 031/893-323, 
  • Predstavništvo Smederevski Put
    Tel.: 011/8036-511, 
  • Predstavništvo
    Novi Sad, Ustanička 2a
    Tel.: 021/6337-910, 
  • Predstavništvo
    Novi Sad, Ustanička 2a
    Tel.: 021/6337-909, 

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Arilje product
bath cloak
bedding set
cotton towel
curtain bedding home textile
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Hilandarska 1
Novi Sad, 21000
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Svetogorska 30
Beograd, 11000
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Valjevo , 14000
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XXL design is a company from Belgrade. We have been living and growing with YOU for ten years. Carefully selected designs, stability
and preservability of colours are only the part
of numerous characteristics of our products.
We offer you a wide range of imported, but also domestic finest kinds of cotton.

Our company deals with the production of the household goods. We produce all kinds of towels, Turkish towels, bed sheets, etc. for the hotel and household use, as well as for the commercial purposes.

Our production programme can also be found in many small shops, trade centres and hyper markets in, about, ten cities all over Serbia and Montenegro.

In the last ten years we have worked hard to improve not only the quality of our products, but also, a way of producing them. We have emphasized the fact that the wrapping materials should be constantly renewed and supplemented by the new ones. All our efforts resulted in the presence of our goods in almost all hypermarkets.

We can offer you the widest range of colours and designs of our products, which are supplemented on the regular basis. We also introduce new designs, thematic, when necessary (New Year, Easter, summer, winter). We believe that you have convinced yourselves of the quality of our products, and that we will continue to live and grow with you.

Sincerely yours, XXL

"XXL" S.Z.K.R.
Sandrvanska 5A , 11460 Barajevo
Belgrade, Serbia

Giro account: 265-1630310003393-24, Raiffeisen Bank
PIB (tax identification number): SR 101413258
Personal number : 53926347

E-mail: xxldsgn@eunet.yu
Working hour : 7-15h

Tel./fax: +381 11 83 00 214
Tel.: +381 63 203 834, +381 63 82 18 001

Retail trade : OTC T-80, T-169
Wholesale trade: Sandrvanska 5A , 11460 Barajevo,
Belgrade, Serbia

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beach towels
bedding sale
bedding Serbian
bedding set
bedding wholesale
cotton bedding
cotton towel
curtain bedding home textile
damask tablecloth
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Vlasotinačkih brigada 5
Vlasotince, 16210
Tel.: 016/873-550
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Bulevar vojvode Mišića 17/I
Beograd, 11000
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Kralja Petra I 149
Mladenovac, 11400
Tel.: 063/803-9-480
Fax: 011/8233-749
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