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Milovana Glišića 5
Novi Sad, 21000
Tel.: 063/507-269
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"MobilSistemi" Ltd. is a company which deals with:
1. maintenance, renting and sale of ecological toilet cabins and sanitary containers.
2. production of containers, modular objects which are made of sandwich panel with polyurethane filling, and production of faucets, showers and boiler rooms.

"MobilSistemi" GIVES FOR RENT:
- mobile toilets, toilet cabins
- VIP mobile toilets, VIP toilet cabins
- mobile toilets for people with special needs
- mobile showers
- shower cabins
- sanitary, housing, construction, office, concierge, storage, backstage containers, as well as service facilities: shops, workshops, scaling houses, etc.
- mobile, building fences
- Anti-climbing fences
- mobile urinals
- faucets
- showers

You can rent all these things for hours, days, weeks, months, years or longer... You need to know what You need, the amount, for how long would you like to rent it, the delivery deadline and the place of the delivery. More details: or

Besides giving for rent, "MobilSistemi" also deals with PRODUCTION of containers according to Your measures, needs and intentions. Sanitary, housing, office, construction, concierge, storage, backstage containers which can be made in standard sizes of 6mx2, 40m or you can order the dimensions you wish. Containers can be connected to each other, building complexes which` surface area can be over 1000 m².

MOUNTABLE - DEMOUNTABLE building fences. We sell them or give them for rent for construction sites, concerts, fairs, events, orchards, vineyards, etc. Besides building fences, you also get orange colored stands, filled with concrete material, and are characterized by stability.
- Fences have anti-climbing character, ideal for the needs of musical and other events.
- The height of a fence panel construction is 2 m, length is 3.5 m.
- They are characterized by easy moving, mounting, demounting. They are also easy to transport. In addition, they are resistant to corrosion.
- Possibility of branding mobile fences, mounting screens for the needs of visual protection.
- You can rent mountable-demountable protective construction fences with stands for building sites for 0.90 euros per meter, plus transportation costs.

CAMPING EQUIPMENT - We give for rent a complete camping equipment. By this is meant: a mobile toilet, sanitary containers, tents, mobile camp kitchen, showers, faucets, urinals, mobile fences, boilers to provide hot water. In addition to the mentioned equipment, we offer tanks for clean and waste water.

Hotlines are available non-stop for:
Mobile toilets - Tel.: 060/500-34-61
Containers - Tel.: 060/500-34-68
Fences - Tel.: 060/500-34-76

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The main activity of our company is renting, installation and maintenance of mobile toilets.

Mobile toilets are an ideal solution for construction sites.

Construction companies and investors are obligated to provide toilets to their workers on construction sites. EKO SANITARNI SISTEMI company from Novi Sad offers a solution to this important issue.

Our mobile eco toilets are ideal for construction sites where there is no access to sanitation. They take up little space. An additional advantage is that it can be used at night, because they have a roof that absorbs and emits daylight.

Mobile eco toilets also provide excellent hygienic conditions because they absolutely not leave an unpleasant smell, but emit a pleasant scent of high quality assets for disinfection.

Emptying, cleaning and maintenance of eco toilets are our team`s job.

Tel: 062-180-60-18

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  • Tel.: 062-180-60-18, 

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Milovana Glišića 5
Novi Sad, 21000
Tel.: 060/500-34-61
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Mobile chemical toilets - why always the first?
Mobile chemical toilets, or also called Eco toilets, in their wide range of products have included a mobile toilet with an implemented fragrance of lemon and apple. The material - of what chemical toilets are made of - is ​​polyurethane which itself contains these two scents that are being released all the time, giving the toilet cabins a beautiful refreshing fragrance. They are not designed to release scents only from the inside, but they also release fragrances from the outside with the same intensity. Thanks to this innovation when using a chemical toilet cabin you get the feeling that you are in your own bathroom.

Mobile-eco-toilets - what are they made of?
They are made of plastic mass polyethylene, which fulfills all physical, chemical and ecological needs. Exterior and convenience is the first thing that will attract you, but eco-friendliness as well. The eco-mobile-toilet - beside its attractive colors, stylish design and extremely small size - it is also easy to transfer, to put down and maintain.

Eco toilet - general characteristics
In spite of the small size of the eco toilet, it is suitable and comfortable. On the surface of only 1m² fits: 
- A toilet 
- A urinal 
- A toilet paper holder
- A sink 
- A tank where chemicals, waste water and sewage are dispatched
- The mobile toilet has an interior that is always disinfected, clean and full of freshness.
- The floor is covered with a special material that prevents slipping even when wet. There are beautiful colors.
- The roof is made of transparent polyethylene so during daytime the interior is bright. If mobile toilets are put next to a night illumination they will also be bright when it is dark outside.

Portable-Eco-toilets - disinfection
To disinfect surfaces of the eco toilet cabin special disinfectants are used that are approved by the international association for the protection of the environment and mankind. They are biodegradable, and after degradation they are not harmful. Chemical materials are put into the tank of the toilet to neutralize and discompose the waste water and sewage.

Portable-Eco-toilets - cleaning methods
Although portable chemical toilets are small, a tank of 210 liters can fit in and a reservoir of 10 liters of clean water.
A specially trained team is responsible for the hygiene, of the chemical toilet cabins. They add disinfectants into each tank to prevent the spread of odors, fungus, bacteria and viruses. Besides the disinfection of the tank they also disinfect the interior of the toilet cabin.

Mobile toilets - need or luxury?
Mobile toilet is not only needed at events, festivals, fairs, but also at each building site, excavations and different work events. Today, it is necessary to provide sanitary and hygienic conditions to the workers on such sites that do not have water and drainage system.

Mobile toilet - as a mirror of practicality
Small dimensions of the toilet cabins make possible to be put in the circle of festivals, fairs, and musical or other events. The fact is that in these celebrations, the physiological and hygienic needs do not stop, and it`s complicated to go out from these places to find a bathroom. It is also very important about mobile eco toilets that they don`t harm the environment. The area around them is clean and unpleasant odors are not felt.

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- Mobile toilets: how to rent
- Mobile ecological toilets for the disabled
- Look for other issues related to mobile chemical toilets at

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