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Welcome all those who love snacks, but also those who dont, in the hope that one day they will become satisfied consumers of snacks from a wide variety of products of our company.

The company, ZRNEKS TIM, roasts, packs and sells grains for human consumption. Our goal is to satisfy the most demanding gourmets, our award is every sold bag from our product range.

ZRNEKS TIM was founded in 1996 and it has continual development. At the beginning it was a small family business, but now it is a family business with ten employees. We have modern machines for roasting and for automatic packaging of grain products and we own vehicles for provision.

The company, ZRNEKS TIM, is a wholesaler, it delivers products to shops weekly. We have our own shelves in the shops. We always try to offer fresh products to our customers. We have a successful cooperation with several retail stores that sell mixed goods in the territory of Vojvodina.

But you can find our products in large trading houses too, such as:

Trgopromet Subotica, Senta Promet Senta, Angropromet and Valdi in Kikinda. We have opportunity to offer packaging services to large supermarkets. We do packaging on vertical packager for grain products Multipak VP 600 S-inox with 10 combined scales Multipak 10 STD.

Characteristics of packaging:

- packaging with blank or branded foil
- packaging with or without pleats
- package with a photocell to read markers on the packaging
- packaging with system for dispensing with protective atmosphere
- hot print date printing with 3 row symbols
- the maximal size of the pouch is: width to 240 mm and height to 300 mm
- packaging from 20 gr up to 3,2 kg depending on the customers wishes
- packaging up to 80 pouch per minute depending on the weight of the products

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Corn flakes
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Promeks company is a private company established in 1990 in Sabac. We have our own manufacturing plant, vehicles and stores.
Promeks doo company is processing, producing, packaging and selling granular and powder products (coffee, whipped cream, seeds, peanuts, etc.) in stores and wholesale. Since its establishment it is dynamically developing in accordance with market demands. It has more than 50employees who are together with modern technology, from carefully selected raw materials, creating high-quality products satisfying HACCP standards. The quality of our products is confirmed on the market mainly through the satisfaction of our customers and by winning medals for quality at fairs (Novi Sad 2000, 2001, 2002). Safety of our products is controlled by the Regional Institute of Health.

Our first products are:
Coffee, roasted seeds, sunflower and peanuts.
But now you can find in our product range cream powder, roasted peanuts in shell, roasted peanuts, roasted shelled sunflower too.

All products are made by own recipes and technologies.

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cream foam
grain food
grain products
hazelnut almond
husked sunflower
peanut in shell
powder products
pumpkin seed
pumpkin seeds
roasted sunflower seed in shell
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Temerin, 21235
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Vuka Karadžića 23.
Senta , 24400
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