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Cvetic Design is a young company producing baby and children equipments.

The main activity of the company is production, wholesale and sale of cotton clothes for babies and children.

We offer baby equipments for newborns 0/3 months: baby shirts, caps, bibs, baby kits, pajamas, pampers shorts, skim, sweat.

Buying clothes for babies is a challenge for parents.
At the request of experienced mothers we have made body, rabbit, body shirt to make you easier dressing up your baby.

With mixing natural materials we made a baby collection so we offer pants, track suit pants, baby sweats, sweat jackets, shirts, vests, dresses.
To help your child feel comfortable and pleasant look at our childrens collection of track suit, sweat, track suit pants, body shirts, pajamas in happy colors and terry products such as towels, bathrobes.
Childrens sport wear is designed to be easy to wear easy to move.

For girls we have made tights, tunics, skirts, body shirts, where we have paid a special attention not just to material but for gentle and cheerful colors.
In our new collection spring - summer you can find T-shirts, shorts, dresses, skirts, capri pants, baby doll pajamas and a lot of models of T-shirts. | |

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baby clothing
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Children clothes of the from the finest materials

The company "SZTR IDENTITY" was established in 1984.

The main activity of the company Identity is production od baby equipment and children clothes from 1 to 2 years.

Our production program is quite wide ranging from the body, baby shirts, outfits for babies to dresses, skirts, pants, t-shirts, baby blouses, baby body, baby-body athletes, sleepwear, bib, baby and childrens suits, baby and childrens kits, sets, etc.

The products are made of high quality pure cotton, all products are high quality production, that is why we want to offer it to you and your children.

Our models are designed lovingly and tenderness, functional and to meet the requirements of our customers.
Main focus of our company is on quality, from design through preparation, tailoring, sewing, finishing and packaging of the final product.

We supply children and baby boutiques across the country and abroad with our collection and we keep the quality and name.

Making baby equipment and children clothes up to 2 years

Here you can find high-quality childrens and baby clothing manufactured in our shop. We are using only the most quality materials and fabrics, so that the clothes were comfortable and pleasant to wear.

Digital printing on textile

Identity has in its own offer direct printing on textiles. Printable colors are water based and are not harmful to children.
We have the latest machine for direct printing on textile and that in full color.
Digital printing on textil is the latest technology in that field.
Unlike screen printing and decal, printing provides perfect print, excellent color stability and temperature resistance. Printing is resistant to ironing.

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children clothes production
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