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Company Info ::::.
Nikole Kujunđića 6.
Subotica , 24000
Tel.: 024/53-37-37
Fax: 024/532-890
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service description:

Novamedia D.O.O.

Novamedia d.o.o. solves a problem of establishing horizontal interrelations among various business areas to meet all needs of a company in a single place.

Novamedia Reklamspot

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Create website
Google AdWords
On-line marketing
Registration in the Company Database
SEO marketing
Požeška 67/A
Beograd, 11000
Tel.: 011/355-7-599
Fax: 011-354-3-367
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service description:

ASPEKT System Integration d.o.o. has been involved in Time, Attendance, Access Control, Car Parking Lots automation, Security, CCTV, ADC & Card (ISO standard CR-80) Printing and Personalization and Hotel locks for 12 years providing total solutions (hardware, software development & implementation) to the Customers. Its goal is the best use of IT to provide the business competitive edge. The approach at ASPEKT software development and system Integration Company is to spend time establishing both, a close working relationship and detailed understanding of the Client’s business and objectives. We are located in Belgrade down town, in our own business facilities.

We are very well educated and very experienced team used to resell, integrate, do software development and implement various types of equipment. A number of References we have should confirm that. It wouldnt be new for us to see for the very first time some peace of equipment, to read the manual, to write software and to implement that peace of equipment in practice for extremely short time. We are used to resell, integrate and implement Automatic Systems, Be, Acroprint, US; Videx, US; Fargo, US; American Magnetics, US; CIM S.p.A., It; GIGA-TMS, Tw; Paradox, Ca; PROMAG, Tw,, SafeSky, Cn, various types of equipment. We would like to reach following goals, to sell, what we consider THE BEST of our company, KNOWLEDGE of software development and system integration, and to make long-term business relationship with our Customers. We believe it is possible, our motto is:

"Nothing is permanent, except for a change!"

ASPEKT System Integration d.o.o.
Požeška br. 67a
11000 Belgrade
Tel: ++381 11 3557 599
Fax: ++381 11 3557 599
E.mail: office@aspekt.rs
Web: www.aspektdoo.eu
Web: www.aspekt24h.com
Web: www.aspektdoo.com
Web: www.aspekt.rs

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access control
access control systems
access control vehicle
alarm and camera installation
alarm and security systems
alarm device
alarm panels
alarm service
alarm system
alarms Inter phones video monitoring

service description:

Continental Becej Export Import company is occupied with repair and sales of office equipment. It repairs:

  • copiers (Canon, Konica Minolta, Ricoh, Sharp,Toshiba, Xerox)

  • laser printers

  • ink jet printers

  • matrix printers

  • multi-functional devices

  • fax devices

  • electronical typewriters

  • calculators

We also sell supplies for all the machines mentioned above, all types of ribbons for matrix printers, original and compatible laser cartridges. We fill black&white and colour laser cartridges for all type of laser printers by affordable prices.

From the year of 2009, we started leasing and renting of copiers.

We sell fiscal cash registers (Ei, Sharp, Galeb, HCP) and eqipment - thermal rolls, keyboard foils, bar code scanners.

Professionalism and quality are the most important things for us in order to fulfill all the wishes and needs of our customers.

Working hours:
Weekdays 6 a.m. - 2 p.m.
Saturdays 7 a.m. - 12 p.m.

Visit our new website:

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cash register
cash registers and printers
distributing toners
dot matrix printers
electro service
ink jet printers
laser printer
laser printers
leasing copier
photocopier machine maintenance
printer sale
printer service
printers maintenance
refilling toner
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service description:

Mikro Kontrol company was founded in year 1996. Engineering and services in Power and Industrial Automation are our main field of work. During its existence, the company has acquired a number of references in a variety of industries: mining, ferrous and nonferrous metallurgy, water treatment, metal processing, food and chemical industry, rubber and building materials, heating, power stations...

Our team of 40 graduate engineers with decades of experience is skilled in finding solutions for the control of machines and processes. Foundation of these solutions are PLC, SCADA and DCS systems.

Mikro Kontrol provides: technical documentation, production and delivery of electrical equipment, development of PLC and SCADA software, parameterization of electric drives and commissioning. We use the latest software tools: PCS7, Simatic S7, Studio 5000, FactoryTalk, PlantPAx Freelance, 800XA, WinCC, CX One, Sysmac Studio, packages EPLAN electrical design and ACAD, packages for SCADA iFIX and Wonderware InTouch.

We have partnership (Solution Partner, System Integrator) with several international companies.The most important partners are OMRON, ABB, Schneider Electric, Rockwell Automation, KUKA, SOLCON.

The experience we have acquired in previous projects is the foundation for all future challenges.


The electrical equipment revitalization of continuous systems on the "Gracanica" surface mine in Gacko, Republic Srpska.

Crusher Plant control system reconstruction, PD RB „Kolubara” d.o.o., Lazarevac

Project Name: Projects of Mikro Kontrol within the framework of RTB Bor

Project Name: Reconstruction of electrical equipment of mining machines to the flood victims in Tamnava mines in RB Kolubara

Project Name: Project to improve the environment in the mining basin of Kolubara

More contacts:

  • Predstavništvo u Novom Sadu
    Drinska 1
    E-mail: ns@mikrokontrol.rsTel.: 021/2469 501 ,  Fax: 021/2466 543
  • Predstavništvo u Nišu
    Jovana Ristića 11
    E-mail: nis@mikrokontrol.rsTel.: 018/4511 884 ,  Fax: 018/4519 192

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automatica automatisation
automatization for industry
business information systems
electric energetics
electrical Works
frequency regulator
informatics and communications
informatics consulting
informatics engineering
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service description:


EN ISO 9001:2008
EN ISO 14001:2004
EN ISO/IEC 27001:2005
EN ISO 50001:2011
OHSAS 18001:2007
Excellent SME

The printing and publishing company "GRAFOPRODUKT" was established in 1992. The development direction of the company is not just about the enlargement of our machine park, but also increasing the number of our staff, in order to meet the demands of the market and to find new potential opportunities for collaboration.

In addition to publishing books and newspapers we can print catalogs, brochures, leaflets and make light cardboard packaging and labels.

3 operators work on high capacity computers, that allows undisturbed work. We do services like: scanning, filming and CTP panel lighting.

To satisfy our customers we also do:
- book fracturing
- designing of catalogs and commercial surfaces
- making logos
- making photographs in high resolution - of buildings, products and objects for different publications.

You can read more about the delivery of printing material and our offer on: www.grafoprodukt-subotica.rs

The basic technology is offset printing.
We have 4 offset machines:

- Four colored B2
- Two colored B2
- Four colored A3
- One colored B3

Our technical abilities allow printing on papers from 60 to 400 grams.

In addition, we have digital printing and large format printing.

- Mimaki CJV solvent printer (CJV30-160)
- Integrisani solvent printer-cutter (Print&Cut)
- Mimaki CJV30 solvent printer-cutter is an advanced version of the old Mimaki JV3 solvent printer, with a unique integrated system for printing and cutting, what brigs us a much bigger choice and flexibility in our work.
Starting from souvenir shops, copiers, design agencies, to screen printers, we offer our services of making advertisements and other printing services, the CJV30 series offer high performance printing and cutting to its customers. Advertisements of large format, such as large posters, graphics, POP displays, backlit, window decoration, car graphics, floor advertising, etc..
We are not able to perform fieldwork (measuring, gluing, etc.).

We are able to provide the following services: laminating, plastic coating, film and plate (CTP) lightening , design, fracturing.

There are three professional bookbinders who do finishing works. Their professionalism is completed by our machine park: benders, collectors, plastic coating makers, laminating machines, benders and staplers of large format.
Besides the above mentioned machine park there are some auxiliary devices which allow us to do:
- numbering
- punching up to format B2 (folders, boxes)
- gluing and sewing books.

Our business partners can count on fast and quality works.

Visit our website www.grafoprodukt-subotica.rs everyone will find something interesting. Because of limited space, it is impossible to present the full range of the production program.
Ask us for an offer and detailed information.

E-mail: grafosu@mts.rs Tel.: 024/555-032
E-mail: office@grafoprodukt-subotica.rs
E-mail: director@grafoprodukt-subotica.rs
E-mail: commerce@grafoprodukt-subotica.rs

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advertising and business materials printing
big sized printing
board packaging
boards lightning
book printing
bookbinding finishing
CTP device
Design exclusive invitations
design making of invitations
design service
Company Info ::::
Miloša Obilića 22
Pančevo , 26100
Tel.: 013 300-805
Fax: 013 300-805
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  • ALMA
  • Vito
  • YU-MA-TU

service description:


Our offer

  • Rotating antenna

  • Satellite antenna

  • Room

  • Terrestrial

    Satellite receivers
  • Dreambox

  • DVBT receivers

  • Globo

  • Ant. equipment

  • Connectors

  • Sat. equipment

  • Splitters - dividers

  • Phone equipment

  • TV mounts

  • Alarm

  • Audio-video cables

  • Cables for speakers

  • Coaxial

  • Computer cables

  • Extension - power cables

  • Phone

    Video surveillance
  • DVR

  • Camera

  • Neon and waterproof lights

  • Reflectors

    Electrical material
  • Sockets

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alarms Inter phones video monitoring
antenna antenna system
antennas satellite antennas
cables for video surveillance
electric accessories stock
electrical connector
Electrical materials and equipment
lighting technique
satellite antennas
satellite receivers
video monitoring

alarms Inter phones video monitoring
Company Info ::::.
Višnjička 6
Subotica , 24000
Tel.: 060 415 0060
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Company Info ::::.

service description:

Univerzal company deals with wholesale of office and school accessories, toys,etc.
We offer a wide range of products for good price and high quality for twenty years.
There is also a salon where you can see everything.
Delivery is done immediately after your call.
Univerzal is specialized for providing the biggest supermarkets in our country.
Univerzal shop produces various accesories: paperclips, machines for paperclips, munitions for staplers, universal glue, fax and thermo rolls, calcimine, decoration paper, etc.
Our moto is that success is always there when you work hard in a teamwork.
Univerzal began to work with a bookshop "Plavi Čuperak" in 1987. It was successful until 1992. when it turned its name into Univerzal.
In 2005. it opened a salon for sale in Belgrade on a territory of 3000 m2 with more than 600 stock places. It is equipped with the most contemporary equipment for goods.
In 2008. it opened a business office in Niš.
Univerzal deals by the ISO standard 9001:2000 and the most important things are the care of our customers and their needs.

More contacts:

  • Tel.: 021/6402-490,  Fax: fax 021/6402-068
  • Tel.: 021/6403-207, 
  • Tel.: 021/6403-211, 
  • Tel.: 021/6790-428, 
  • Tel.: 021/6790-429, 

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board game
copy paper
decor package

service description:

High school from Novi Sad was established in Oktober 1982.

It offers educational profiles in areas: economy, law and administration, trade, catering and tourism.

The school educates students in two areas of work:


In the areas of economics, law and administration are the following educational profiles of the fourth level of education:

* economic technician
* bureau technician
* financial technician
* security Officer

In the areas of trade, catering and tourism are the following educational profiles of the fourth level of education:

* trade Technician
* tatering technician
* culinary technician
* tourist technician

and the third level of education:

* merchant
* waiter
* cook
* confectioner

Restaurant Staro Zdanje with two halls and a gallery, specialties, a wide selection of drinks, family dinners, celebrations...

More contacts:

  • Restoran Staro Zdanje
    Novi Sad Trg Marije Trandasil 1
    E-mail: starozdanje@mts.rsTel.: 021/527-040, 

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birthday celebrations
business dinner organization
Company Info ::::.
Crvenog Barjaka bb
Kragujevac , 34000
Tel.: 065/37-37-350
Fax: 034/373-735
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service description:

Lobodms is a full-fledged document management system. Its stateless technology allows access to documents even when traditional document management systems run up against their limits because of poor-quality lines or too little bandwidth.

lobodms is available as a economical starter package, as a small and medium-sized business solution that offers a great price-performance ratio or as a company-wide, strategic enterprise document management solution.

Start small and grow organically. lobodms is 100% scalable.

The Product - Lobodms

Lobodms is a full-fledged document management system, equipped with all major functions and features. Based on the latest technology, it is currently one of the most innovative products on the market.

It eliminates paperwork and provides the best solutions to optimize your work processes. Thanks to the quick access, as well as the automated archiving of your scanned­ and digital documents, you save time and money.

Which service level you choose ultimately depends on various factors. If you give us information about the planned project, we will be happy to prepare you an individual product recommendation. Use our contact form for this purpose.

More contacts:

  • Tel.: 065/37-37-350, 

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archive solution
document backup
Company Info ::::.

service description:


PC RESTORING is an independent workshop which deals with servicing of computer equipment for both firms and civilian people. We also deal with repurchase of defected and outdated computer equipment and components from companies and private individuals.

We do repurchase of entire computer hardware, defected computers, printers, photocopiers, other peripheral computer equipment, cellphones, telephone motherboards, telephone boards of call centers, poker machine boards, washing machine programmers, and other printed boards which contain noble metals.

Besides computer servicing and repurchase of computer hardware we also sell serviced matrix printers Olivetti PR2 I PR2E which are used at service desks of post offices, banks and technical checkups.

To all legal entities PC RESTORING offers FREE registration to business directory Biznisclub on the web address: www.biznisclub.rs

Cara Lazara 17
11130 Kaluđerica
Tel: 064 41 41 500
Fax: 011 411 21 34
E-mail: goran@pcrestoring.rs
Working hours: 9AM-4PM

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antivirus protection
buy motherboards
buying defective computer
computer recycling
EE waste
electrical waste
electronic waste
name and address database
office equipment
Olivetti pr2e
pc service
purchase of printed circuit boards
recycling of electronic waste
repurchase of all kinds of computer cards
repurchase of cellphone boards
repurchase of ceramic processors
repurchase of computers
repurchase of defected cellphones
repurchase of defected hard disks
repurchase of defected motherboards
repurchase of defected photocopiers
Company Info ::::.

service description:

More contacts:

  • Tel.: 011 3077 300, 
  • Tel.: 066 265 737, 
  • Tel.: 064 3368 289, 

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alarm device
alarm panels
alarm service
alarm servicer
alarm system
alarm systems
alarms for houses
audio hi-fi
Company Info ::::.

service description:

Print 2 Print company is occupied with internal and external printing of big formats on paper, PVC foil, backlit, tarpaulin and other flexible materials. It provides the services of cashing on forex and foam, direct printing on laminar materials and flag producing.

A wide range of displays and promotional mechanism from roll-ups to various banners, click frames and battens, backboard displays producing and rental.

They do the design - printing preparations, picture processing, mounting on spot, branding of promotional stands, showcases and cars, producing and mounting of advertisement captions from cater foil for showcases, cars, large areas, etc.

Poster printing on matte and shiny paper, plastification, canvas.

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advertisement area
advertisement banner
advertising panel
billboards totems 
car branding
car graphics
environmental paper bags
flags and banners 
graphic design
graphic services and printing
lightening advertisements 
nyomtatás járműkön
print preparation
showcase branding
Company Info ::::.

service description:

The company TOMINAS D.O.O. wholesale and shop is on the market more than four years. During this time we managed to build an image of good business and we have
become a reliable partner to our associates.
All this because of our professionalism and readiness to respond to any challenge what our clients asked. High quality and professional equipments in the hands of experts will satisfy all your needs. We have a large number of satisfied customers. Maybe youll from now, will be one of them.

A quick and easy way to stay up to date with our range of new products and provide the appropriate amount.

In our online store you can find:

Video Surveillance

Computer Accessories

Alarm systems



Access Control



Car Accessories


Power AC / DC 12V

TVs and monitors for video surveillance

UPS devices

Carriers TV plazma,LCD,CRT

Sales of switches and buttons

Plastic cable carrier

Audio video cables

Data cables for mobiles

PVC channels

Led reflectors

Led for car

Led tapes

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access control
alarm cables 
alarm panels
alarms Inter phones video monitoring
alarms intercoms
audio and video
burglary protection
cables for video surveillance
coaxial cables
computer devices
computer equipment
computer equipment
computer equipments
computerized alarm systems
Electric cables
Company Info ::::.
Adolfa Singera 12.
Subotica , 24000
Tel.: 024/600-100
Fax: 024/551-900
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service description:

Nordnets main fields of interest are the Internet, web design, web programming, web hosting, networks, education and software.

Nordnet can design an Internet presentation for you. Please check out our portfolio.

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Company Info ::::.

service description:

The company SAOP was established in 1987, it was one of the first companies on the regional market who offered own software.

For the development of business software solutions and services for accounting firms, enterprises and public institutions, employs more than 60 professionals with higher education. More than 25.000 users are using our solution.

Business enterprises "SAOP"

Our main activity is production and development of advanced business solutions, which contribute the success of our partners and clients with:
- Professional and quality support
- Formal education and skills development of our employees
- Technical quality of our solutions


To become a leading provider of business solutions in the region. We will build our visibility with the most professional, prompt and regular support to our clients in the region.

SAOP is an innovative company, that sets trends and with creating a positive working environment provides professional and personal development of its employees:

- We make positive working environment, that encourages cooperation
- Encourage progress at all levels of business
- We want to be recognized for the response, competence and support to our customers
- We look forward to the business success of our customers
- We want to help clients in improving their business processes
- We are proud that are employed in the company SAOP

"miniMAX" is the simplest web accounting program, which can be used also by the company and accounting agencies, because the data is entered only once and it is fully aligned.

ERP "iCenter" analyze your workflow and reduce costs
Business ERP information system "iCenter" with the range of custom software solutions is adapted to business processes of every enterprise. With automatic analyses, what will make on your business processes, it quickly provides quality information to managers to make the right decision thereby enables the reduction of operating costs.

"iCenter" improves the standard business processes using a range of solutions and it also fully supports the features of each department in the company.

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accounting software
accounting training
accounting training Novi Sad
Company Info ::::.
Temerinska 20
Novi Sad, 21100
Interest on the map

service description:

The company Infograf - Goti d.o.o. deals with import and distribution of IT products. It was established by merging companies Infograf which was established in 1994 in Loznica and Goti established in 2001 in Novi Sad.

Infograf - Goti today imports the next brands:
Orink, Toten, Tenda, XL - Scan, Eacan, Team, Winstars, Deep Cool, United Star, LW- San.

In addition to these brands we are distributing world famous brands too, such as: HP, Intel, Canon, Microsoft, Gigabayt, AMD and others.

Production and branding our own products is the result of our long year cooperation with our Chinese business partner.
"IG Max" is the brand under which we are distributing power supplies and enclosures for computers. "Smashing Case" is our brand for notebook and laptop bags, and "Craft" is a brand for keyboards, mices, webcams and headsets.
Our company in its size amongs to small enterprises, but looking its annual turnover it is one of the largest computer companies in the territory of Vojvodina.

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business software selling
computer accessories
Computer maintenance
distributing toners
pc service
printer service
business software selling
computer accessories
Computer maintenance
distributing toners
pc service
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