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"OGIKO" is a company which has dealt with production of additives for bakeries for many years.

SZTR “OGIKO” was founded in 2001 and from then we have been producing additives and mixes for the bakery industry which are characterized by high quality and especially low prices.

Our products are meant for use in the bakery industry, from traditional homemade to industrial production of all kinds of bakery products.
Besides production and distribution of our products, we also deal with distribution of raw materials for bakeries, like fruit and other stuffing, more kinds of margarine, yeast, sesame seeds, integrated flour, cremes, etc.

Contact telephones: 064/4179-479, 066/233-830

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  • Tel.: 064/4179-479, 
  • Tel.: 066/233-830, 

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The company "Ženeva Evro S" Ltd. was established in 1988 as a family business. It was dealing with sale of groceries, chemistry and drinks.

Over the years all with the goal of completing and improving the supply for our customers, the company has expanded its activities.

The market "Ženeva Evro S" was built in 2000, and it has a wide range of food industrial products, chemistry, drink and school supplies in its offer. We pay special attention to our customers and their needs.

We also have discounts on certain products, every Friday, Saturday and Sunday we have special weekend price reductions with 10% discount on products (except bread, sugar, oil, newspaper and tobacco products).

The company opened a shop in Lesnica where customers can buy fresh baked goods of own production, from 2012 Mini pani pastry.
There was opened a confectionery too, with high-quality pastries and cakes, and all kinds of warm and cold drinks.

In 2007. the company is entering a phase of intensive development, it begins with production of pasta and later production of confectionery products.
In our offer we have more than 90 products, we distribute to the whole territory of Serbia.

In 2010 the company opened another one retail shop in Brezjak where it sells groceries, chemistry and drinks.
In this shop we also have discounts on certain products, every Friday, Saturday and Sunday we have weekend price reductions with 10% discount (except bread, sugar, oil, newspaper and tobacco products).

Agriculture is the future of our country and consequently "Ženeva Evro S" invested in fruit growing, so the company now has 8 acres of land with apple and pear trees.

We believe that the best indicators of our business are growth and development of our company are satisfied customers in the territory of Serbia, and out of it.

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Filipa Višnjića 21.
Novi Sad, 21000
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