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Sale of all kinds of wigs of 100% natural and artificial hair.

Artificial wigs have exceptionally natural look, easy to maintenance with the attached instructions, dyeing is not possible.

Wigs of natural hair you have to care about is like your own hair, you can wash it, style it and if you want dye it. The base of the wigs (artificial and natural too) fully allows the scalp breathing what means that you can wear it all the time.

Sales of all kinds of inserts for hair of 100% natural or artificial hair.

There are two kinds of hair inserts, for ponytail and for normal position, so-called clips which are made for measure and customers requirements.

Hair extension of high quality 100% natural hair.

This way of hair extension is imperceptible and easy to care it in home conditions.

Making locks for hair extension with keratin.
Keratin is transparent, new generation easy to remove without hair damaging.

In our offer we have natural and artificial hair for the western market, wide range of models and colors to your specifications.

In our shop we have a wide range of jewelry and buckles.

Decades of experience is the guarantee of our quality.
Visit us and devote attention to yourself and your appearance!

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