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The company RK Plast d.o.o. Subotica was established in 27.10.2005, but it began to work in March 2006.

The main goal of the company is meeting the demands of the market with PE products on the domestic and foreign market with production of PE products by world standards.
The internal goal of the company is establishing a healthy working atmosphere, consistent relationships, and forming working teams from young and promising peoples.

    The main activity of the company RK plast is:

  • production of PE foils

  • PE bags, sacks, freezer bags, boutique bags of various types and production of advertising (print) bags.

These activities are including consulting and production service.

The company offers innovative production capacities that guarantees quality, what is the main advantage to win the demand and comparative advantage over other producers of the same product range. In June, 2011 the company has implemented a certification and the introduction of ISO 9001.

The future is before us, we try to go "in step with the time", and this requires progress in production, organization and good relationship with our customers.

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  • Tel.: 065/802-73-15, 

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advertising bags
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Litopapir AD Cacak is one of the biggest companies in grafic printing, paper processing and publishing industry. Our company is located in Cacak, Republic of Serbia.

Litopapir AD, is producing paper sacks and bags, as well as cardboard packaging, paper gallantery, books, printing and all services relevant to this bussines field.

So we are free to offer our products:

1. natron sack production assortiment:
- open lip sacks
- valve sacks
- special sacks

2. paper processing production assortiment:
- bags with handle
- bags with square bottom
- bags with flat bottom
- bags with polypropylen window
- wraping paper
- paraffined paper

3. round packaging production assortiment:
- cardboard pipes
- cross level bubble

4. printing production assortiment:
- flat print products (labels, books, folders, boxes)
- high print products (notebooks, forms, offical documents, tickets)
- publishing activity produts (books, magazines, newspapers, bilttens, advertising paper products)
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Vrbas, 21460
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Ivana Milutinovića 30.
Niš, 18000
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