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44 years of experience!
Production of various plastic products takes place in Indjija, altogether on 12000 m2 under roof and 40000 m2 in open space.

Youtube channel: Plastic Gogić

We are constantly working on expanding assortments, developing and improving the quality of our products, which, with the help of modern equipment and appropriate supporting infrastructure, they are produced in their own production, and then deliver them to over 45 countries on 6 continents.

As a leading manufacturer in our profession, we are present in the markets: Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Belarus, Lithuania, Latvia, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Turkey, Macedonia, Montenegro, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Denmark, Norway, Romania, Bulgaria, Moldova , Albania, Greece, Cyprus, Bolivia, Gabon, Singapore, Angola, India, Australia, Taiwan, Belgium, Netherlands, Somalia, Chile, Peru, Estonia, Kuwait, Portugal, Uruguay, United Kingdom, Spain, Ecuador, Mozambique etc.

The continual extension of production capacity caused the growth of our production range, so our assortment today can be divided into the following units:




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Beside recognition received by side of our faithful customers, our value is proved through introduced quality management systems ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004, ISO 18001:2007, as well as through numerous individual certificates for various products, like CE mark, EN 840 etc.

We are proud to provide you with the information that MNG P.G. was awarded the October Prize of the Municipality of Indjija for 2015, Annual Award of the Chamber of Commerce of Srem for 2014 and ‘ProBusiness Leader’ Award for being the best small enterprise in Serbia in 2012. Being the CEO of the company, Mr. Slobodan Gogić was in selection of 20 candidates for Ernst-Young award ‘Entrepreneur Of The Year’ in 2015.


22320 Inđija, Kralja Petra I bb, Srbija

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Fax: +381 22 552 141

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CEO Slobodan Gogić

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"Zvezda Mladenovic doo" is a family business, found in 1998, with the goal in order to position itself at the top of the list of related companies, and that his name is associated with quality, professionalism and reliability.

Specialization in one type of work and the desire to meet the demands of investors, provides us a constant occupancy, which annually is approx. 90,000 m2.

Cement screed, which was originally intended only as a basis for the flooring in apartments is now used in all phases of construction.
From protection, thermal and hydro insulation in the floor slab, through the layers on the terraces, roofs and bathrooms, as base for epoxies and acrylates in the garage, to stone surface, concrete and printed concrete in exterior.

Cement screed is placed on a support, usually concrete or insulation layers, wherein the sleeve can be used directly as a sub, or coated with a variety of floor coverings.
Depending on the mode, cement screed has a supporting function, but may also represent an element of protection from moisture, heat and sound insulation.

Unfortunately in practice there is very often a need for rehabilitation and repair of floor construction, which over time, subject to various loads and other influences, showing various forms of damage and deformation.
The damage is usually manifested during the operation, but in some cases immediately after preparation, where it is, in most cases, appear on the final floor covering made ​​through a cement screed.

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Novi Sad, 21000
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