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Tel./Fax: 0230/68-887
Mob. tel.: 064/420-38-99

23316 BAŠAID
ul. J.J. ZMAJA 60
PIB. 104620971
MATIČNI BROJ: 60356122
ŽIRO RACUN: 220-61213-74

D.N.D. Monter szr was established in 2006 and since then it has successfully developed in the field of installation services of new machines, maintenance and repair of existing agricultural buildings and equipment:
- steel galvanized silo
- farms
- machines for transport and processing grain commodities
- stalls for livestock
- equipment for farm
- making steel constructions
- making halls

Today we have 30years of experience in this field and we became a reliable business partner.

If you are interested or you have any questions feel free to call us.

Phone/Fax: 0230/68-887
Cellphone: 064/420-38-99

Our references:

Deco d.o.o. Vrnjačka Banja
Zorić s.z.r. Kikinda
Kipetrol do.o. Bašaid
Zlatica a.d. Matijević, Zlatica
Agrokons d.o.o. Feketić

MZ Bašaid
Zlatica a.d. Matijević, Zlatica
Riđički magaziin d.o.o. Riđica
Deco d.o.o. Vrnjačka Banja
Poljomont s.z.r. Bašaid

- Agrocrnja doo, Srpska Crnja
- Lazic-Poljokomerc doo, Golubinici
- Poljo-Agrar doo, Vojka
- ZZ Krcedin, Krcedin
- Matijevic doo
- Galad Kikinda
- Agrotrading doo, Novi Sad
- ZZ Krcedin
- Otkupna Stanica Satrinci
- Agrar F M doo, Novi Sad
- Ridjicki Magazin doo, Ridjica
- Farma Krava, Mikalacki Basaid
- Farma Krava, Komluski Vincaid
- Topgarden doo, Novi Knezevac
- ZZ Aleksandrovo, Aleksandrovo
- Dukat doo, Backo Novo Selo
- Putkozarje doo, Srpska Crnja
- and others...

If you think that we can cooperate feel free to contact us.

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assembly halls and warehouses
assembly objects
construction design
construction of assembly hall
Design and construction of silos
Design of steel structures
drier assembly
equipment for silos
execution of assembly hall 
fabrication of steel structures
installation and assembly
installation hall
locksmith good metal construction
metal construction
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Production of fire doors, steel constructions and building joineries.

Metalna oprema is from Sopot, near Belgrade, and has 40 employees.

A fire resistance test by JUS standard is done for all the fire doors. The customer also gets a supporting certificate tile with all the necessary datas. The dimensions of doors can be

adjusted to the specific needs of customers. They also give an expert opinion.

There is a wide range of steel constructions:
-steel construction of halls
-steel construction of hangars
-steel construction of roofs
-steel construction of awnings

There is a wide range of building joineries:
-steel construction of staircases (flat, spiral, semi-spiral)
-industrial doors (sliding, turning)
-windows, skylights, steel chalons
-rosts, catchment grids

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aluminum fire doors
automated industrial doors
automatic slide door
building joinery
chains for slide door 
fire doors
fire protection
industrial door
installation hall
locksmith good metal construction
metal industry
metal processing
metal processing
metal products
metal products
quick industry door
slide door
steel installation hall
steel structure
structural steel staircase
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Mounting halls,
Residential containers,
Pvc and alu carpentry,
Production and mounting of steel constructions,
covering and hemming of industrial halls

Argus Inzenjering l.t.d. is a construction company for producing and mounting of steel halls for industrial objects, warehouses, sport halls, containers for residences, residential containers, weekend cottages, modular objects, selling pavilions, car salons, containers for loads, ship containers and other.

For industrial needs we produce platforms, bridges for pipelines and carrying machine constructions, transport systems and warehouse systems.

The company was established in 2002. and has 30 employees.
The team has mechanical and civil engineers.
Director is mr Dragan Erdevik,

Argus Inzenjering d.o.o.
Novi Sad


Main office: 021/466-490
Fax: 021/468-391
Production: 021/840-160
Director: 064/85-20-400


Main office:
PC Atrium, Narodnog fronta 73, Újvidék
Production hall and operations:
Almaska bb, Temerin

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 steel tubes
aluminium and pvc sale
aluminium carpentry production and assembly
aluminium door window
aluminum and plastic construction
assembly halls and warehouses
assembly objects
building carpenter
cargo containers
construction container
construction of assembly hall
container production
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EURO-INVEST-MONT is a specialized company for installation, maintenance, repair and rehabilitation of power and thermo technical installations.

It was established in Obrenovac as a private company.

The company has been operating successfully for years and now it employs many workers. Top professional staff through team work has gained rich experience and professional references.

In addition to professional staff, which makes the greatest asset of our company, wealth of business experience, permanent education, adoption of new technologies, quality and confidence in the work process, quality relationship with partners are the characteristics of our company for which we are known in the domestic and international market.

    The activities for which the company is recognized are:

  • Construction, maintenance, repair, reconstruction and rehabilitation of thermal power plants

  • Construction, maintenance, repair and overhaul of industrial boilers to produce steam

  • installation of process equipments

  • production of processing equipments, metal constructions

  • production of halls with various constructions, containers

We are recognizable for our excellent professional staff, which has gained rich experience and professional references.

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construction container
installation of power plants
installation of thermo-technical systems
maintenance of power plant
maintenance of power plants
maintenance of thermal technical plants
reconstruction of power plants
reconstruction of thermo technical installations
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Production of all kinds of pillars for public lighting: classical tube, segment, decorative, conic round and conic polygonal from one piece up to 16m and reflex pillars from several segments up to 65m.

Production of all kinds of pillars for mobile telephonies, nets and transmission lines; production and installation of specific steel grid constructions like: sport halls, stadiums, base stations of mobile telephonies, nets, transmission lines, cabel cars and artificial snow installations.

Amiga has all the necessary standards. It sells its products through the whole territory of former Yugoslavia, exports to Greece, Neederlands, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Uganda, Angola, Russia, Gabon.
Amiga offers many production and techical opportunities which includes: construcion of sport objects, stadiums, objects in electric economy and mobile telephony.

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construction design
electric energetics
fabrication of steel structures
locksmith good metal construction
montage houses carpenters light buildings
poles posts
sports halls
steel construction
steel installation hall
street-lighting installation
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Donji Gračac bb
Vrnjačka Banja, 36210
Tel.: 062/829-2 -038
Fax: 036/671-550
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Železnička Kolonija bb.
Novi Sad, 21000
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Drijetanj, Bela Zemlja bb
Užice , 31000
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