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elixir of health

Green juice of corn is a dietary supplement. It greatly stimulates the
immunity, removes the characteristic slow movement at older people,
increases the stability of motion, reduces pain in muscles and wrists
when the weather changes, increases physical strength and vitality.

Green juice of corn contains a large amount of vitamin B17, which,
scientifically proven, destroys cancer cells. Thanks to that, it gives
very good results in prevention but also in the treatment of malignant

What is green juice of corn?

It is sweet, green juice squeezed from germs and young sprouts,
ecologically grown corn. Since the leaves of wheat contains hardly
digestive fibers, it is only used the squeezed juice. Green juice of
corn does not have any adverse effect so it can be used by children,
pregnant women, reconvalescents and the elderly.


generally about dill

Dill comes from Egypt, from the Mediterranean. Thanks to specific
pleasant aroma, it is used as a spice for centuries in many national
kitchens. It is also well known, popular and respected as a medical

In which disease does it help?

It regulates thyroid glands, lowers sugar level in blood  / with the
proper diet with 20-25 to 5-6 /, it is a natural diuretic, helps
digestion, relieves cramps, prevents and cures paradentosis.

How do we use it?

- Melt a frozen juice of dill cube in a glass of yogurt
- Chopped dill can be frozen and added to various dishes

When is the best to pick dill?

The best time to pick dill is in June, July or August because then it
has the most nutritious substances. It can be used both leaves and

Frozen green juice of barley

Green juice of barley is, according to its composition, much like
green juice of corn. Still it has 4 ingredients which is an advantage
and can be a supplement therapy beside the green juice of corn.

It contains more than the juice of corn:

- Magnesium, which is required for the normal function of muscles,
nervous system and heart.

- Calcium and phosphorus in proportion of 2:1, which is ideal for the
development of skeleton and to prevent osteoporosis.

- Potassium and sodium in proportion of 11:1 which helps with
arrhythmias, high blood pressure, general weakness, nausea, and
vomiting. Potassium is essential for the proper function of the
nervous system and muscles.

- Beta-carotene and vitamin A are necessary for the function of mucous
membrane. Lack of vitamin A leads to gray barbell and bad blood
picture. It helps to relieve the symptoms of Basedowe diseases,
strengthens immunity and bones, remove comedos, eczema, acne,
sporiaza. It belongs to the group of antioxidants. It is especially
recommended to the teenagers who have troubles with their skin /
comedos, pimples, oily skin ... / The optimal therapy period for a
permanent solution to a problem with pimples is 6 months.

What does not contain:

Unlike the green juice of corn, green juice of barley does not contain B17.

In accordance with the above, for people older than 40 years, we
recommend the following treatment:

1. Preventive-green juice of corn, green juice of barley in proportion
of 1-1, which means one day juice of corn and the other day juice of
barley, and so alternately.

2. For Treatment-green juice of corn, green juice of barley in
proportion of 3-1, which means 3 days of juice corn and 1 day juice of

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