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In the Green wheatgrass juice there are vitamins, enzymes, minerals, trace elements and amino acids, all perfectly balanced, they are easily recognized by the human body, and its ingredients are easily absorbed in the bloodstream, where they express their positive effects.

Elixir of Vitality

Dr. Anna Wigmore, the person who invented Green wheatgrass juice, (she also edited a book on this topic), found out that this was a real vitamin bomb with positive effects on the human body, which is necessary in this polluted world. It can be used as a preventative to boost immunity and physical strength, relieves muscle pain caused by weather changes. In case of older people, it speeds up the characteristic slow movement and increases the stability of motion, increases physical strength and vitality. After a two-month intensive therapy older people feel ten years younger in every way. It gives excellent results as a complementary therapy in cancer. Its use depends on the purpose.

"I do not promise
that the Green wheatgrass juice
will give you immortality,
but you will feel more and more vivid from it,
because by blood purification and renewal of cells
the aging process slows down."
Dr. Anna Wigmore

What is green wheatgrass juice?

Green wheatgrass juice is a sweet, green juice gained by squeezing germs and young sprouts from particularly grown indigenous varieties of grain. Since the leaves of wheat contain cellulose fibers, which the human body can not digest, we use only the juice. Green wheatgrass juice does not have any side effects, may be freely used by children from two years of age, pregnant women, convalescents as well as elderly people.

What does green wheatgrass juice contain?

- 90 types of different minerals and micro elements
- Proteins and amino acids
- Vitamins A, C, E, F, K and B
- Enzymes
- Chlorophyll

What is green wheatgrass juice good for?

It strengthens the immune system, helps with the problems of digestion, detoxifies the body, destroys harmful bacteria, it has a beneficial effect on the intestinal flora, regulates body weight, increases vitality, reduces fatigue, it has high concentration of chlorophyll which helps the oxygen supply of the tissues, and reduces inflammation.

Institute Hippocrates presented diseases in which cases the green wheatgrass juice showed significant results: bone marrow cancer, breast cancer, colon cancer, lung cancer, prostate cancer, uterine cancer, lymph node, lymphoma, cysts, diabetes, inflammation of joints, bronchitis, hair loss, weight regulation.

"Cancer cells can not survive in the presence of high concentrations of oxygen." Dr. Otto Wartburg

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