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Herba Medica NATURAL items dietary supplements herbal teas FEMINA 1 for uterine myoma and FEMINA 2 for polycystic ovaries. Dietary supplement FEMINA 1 active compounds from medicinal plants helps to eliminate fibroids, the uterine walls seamlessly, regardless of their size, are exclusively benign origin. Dietary supplement FEMINA 2 leads to degradation of benign cysts, regardless of their size. When using any of our hormone therapy should take into account that food must be rich in plant proteins, vitamins and fiber.

Dietary beverage-tea VIKTORY to reduce blood sugar levels is a mixture of herbs that its properties stimulates and revitalizes the cells of the pancreas work better, achieves a better breakdown and glucose utilization, and decreases blood sugar levels. This stimulates blood circulation and protect blood vessels.

Tea HAPPY WOMEN balanced for weight loss is designed to contribute to the acceleration in the form of increased metabolic clearance and the elimination of the negative impact of inadequate nutrition.


Dragica Milosavljevic-Vranje

I am 43 years and, like most working women, live at an accelerated pace, I was exposed to daily stress, and often I was nervous, and I must admit that I was careful about not eating. All this has contributed to the thyroid nodule appears gland, hormone levels were significantly elevated, I felt tired and fatigued, I had cardiac arrhythmias and sweated abundantly. I ordered therapy of thyroid hyperfunction. Two months ago I used only teas and poboljŇ°anjeje occurred after only two weeks, which motivated me to keep going. Therapy has shown excellent results: the thyroid gland nodules disappeared, much to the surprise of my endocrinologist. I continued to use tea occasionally, prevention, and I am convinced that the disease does not return.

Dobrila Pesic-Nis

Thirty-seven years old and I was six months ago, we discovered two fibroids in uterus due to which I felt very uncomfortable symptoms in the form of frequent and heavy bleeding, severe pain and tension in my stomach and pain in the spine. The gynecologist told me that I need emergency surgery, because there is no other solution. My friend recommended FEMINA tea and I decided to try out before surgical intervention, such as herbal therapy, I had nothing to lose. All 40 days I strictly adhered to the instructions that I received, and the result was fantastic. Myomas were missing, the bleeding stopped, and all the other accompanying symptoms, a smile back on my face.

John Andjelkovic Leskovac

Im 25 years old and two years ago I was diagnosed polycystic ovaries, due to which we were very heavy menstrual periods and long-lasting. I started to lean too much, I was very anemic and
depressed. After only seven days of tea I felt a big improvement and we improved mood. I waited for 45 days but after four weeks I did ovarian ultrasound. The doctor was amazed. Cysts are gone and with them my fear and resentment.

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