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Company Info ::::.
Lenjinova 21.
Selenča, 21425
Tel.: 063 774 89 57
Fax: (021) 773 333
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service description:

We were founded in 1996 as a family workshop, in 2000 we grew out as a Limited Company, Čapanda Ltd.

Our basic activity is

We have experience in the production of different handles, we have produced over 20 million pieces. Now we make about 2 million pieces per year, and 15.000 per day. Almost all of our products are being imported to FOREIGN MARKETS.

We possess a FSC™ COC certificate from the firm TUV.

We get raw materials from the whole region (Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia) to be sure that we have enough in all circumstances.

We also deal with PRODUCTION OF BROOMS
about 500 pieces a day and 150.000 a year.

We use beech as raw material, and from the procession remains the BEECH SAWDUST. It is very appreciated in the meat industry what they use for dried meat products to get a nice color and a pleasant smell. Besides this, the sawdust is being used for production of pellets for heating. All this speaks about it, that in our production everything is useful, there is no waste.

All our products are 100% bio-degradable which is guaranteed by the FSC certificate. In the places of the cut trees NEW ONES ARE PLANTED.

Our products are meant to make our environment and our quality of life more beautiful, having responsibility of our life surrounding and future.

fi 18 mm
fi 24 mm
fi 26 mm
fi 28 mm
fi 29 mm

od 750 mm
do 1500 mm

- With a hole
- with a cone
- with a thread
- tapered

doo Čapanada ltd
Lenjinova 21.
21425 Selenča
E-mail: capanda.ltd@gmail.com
Web: www.drvenedrske-capanda.rs

More contacts:

  • Tel.: 021/773-333, 

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Beech sawdust
handles for brooms
Handles for brushes
sorghum brooms
Wooden handles for music
Wooden handles for sport trainings
Wooden handles for various tools
Beech sawdust
handles for brooms
Handles for brushes
sorghum brooms
Wooden handles for music
Wooden handles for sport trainings
Wooden handles for various tools
Beech sawdust
handles for brooms
Handles for brushes
sorghum brooms
Wooden handles for music
Wooden handles for sport trainings
Wooden handles for various tools
Beech sawdust
handles for brooms
Company Info ::::.
Pavla Vuisića 64
Zemun, 11080
Tel.: 011-414-04-55
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  • Tagex

service description:


Agrar-belt is a firm which deals with importation of all kinds of belts.
Besides the trade mark "Agrostrong", we are also importers and authorized distributors of the German trade mark "Tagex".


Agricultural belts:
- PJ

Belts for cars and trucks:
PK belts
● AVX10
● AVX11.9
● AVX13

Toothed belts have longer life than a classical belts because of the internal gearing that contributes to better cooling and because of the special material used in production.


Accessories for belts:
Additional accessories
- Meters for belts up to 3.5 meters

AgrarBelt L.t.d.
Adress: Pavla Vujišića 64
Zip code: 11080
Town: Zemun/Altina
Country: Srbija
Telephone: (011) 414-04-55
Mobile: (064)12-97-033; (063)808-79-49
Fax: (011) 414-04-56
E-mail: agrarbelt1@gmail.com
Web: www.agrarbelt.rs

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agricultural belts
automotive belts
belt pulley
belts for tractors
gauges for belts
harvester belts
industrial belts
toothed belt
Truck straps
wedge belts

agricultural belts
automotive belts
Company Info ::::.
Gospodara Vučića 206
Beograd, 11000
Tel.: 011 28 31 091
Fax: 063/411-582
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service description:

Basketware wickerwork coopers shop

The workshop Mladenovic is successfully working for more than 30years. The tradition and our experience are the best quality indicators of our products.

Our products are available in Belgrade, street Gospodara Vucica 206, and manufacturing located in Krusevac.

We are producing:
- Baskets
- Barrels
- Tubs
- Chairs
- Tables
- Garden furniture
- Furniture by measure
- Wooden goods
- Stainless steel and wicker goods

HIT products are swings - combination of stainless steel and wicker

Wicker, bamboo and rattan furniture can be cleaned with wet cloth to which you add a few drops of lemon juice. If the surface is too dry what happens often with garden furniture which is outside, just cover the furniture with wet towel and leave it overnight so it can well absorb moisture. Very dirty and hard to reach places clean with soft toothbrush, then wash it with mild soap, clean it with water and leave it dry on the air, but keep away from direct sunlight. Cleaned furniture must dry well, what means couple of days. It is important to not use at that time because pressure can permanently deform it.

If the furniture is colored to keep its color it shouldnt be wet. To make it look new repaint it with a fresh, thin layer of color, but dont try to remove the old color because you can damage its structure.

Visit our Facebook page:

More contacts:

  • Prodajni salon u Beogradu
    Gospodara Vučića 206
    Tel.: 011 28 31 091,  Fax: 011 28 31 772
  • Kruševac
    Mačkovac bb
    Tel.: 064/400-50-25,  Fax: 037/681-605

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cane chair
desk and chair production
furniture from twigs
garden sets
knitted furniture
knitted sets
production barrels
string bag
tables chairs benches
wicker swings
wine barrels 
wood barrels
wooden barrels
cane chair
desk and chair production
furniture from twigs
garden sets
knitted furniture
knitted sets
production barrels
Company Info ::::.

service description:


Laminate flooring

Laminates are different, long lasting, attractive flooring which look like wooden flooring. Although laminate looks like wooden flooring in its construction is just a small amount of wood.

Laminates are made of some materials collected under the influence of high pressure in one unit. The surface layer is made of cellulose paper which is impregnated with plastic, what makes it scratch resistant. The designer layer of the laminate is the image or pattern what you see, what is printed on cellulose paper and it is under the surface layer in order to not destroy it.

Thickness of the laminate: from 7 mm to 12 mm. Most laminates contain a layer of moisture resistant. Laminates are perfect for all those who want long lasting durable floor for lower cost than wooden (parquets) with quick setup. Laminates are as attractive as parquets. Today laminates are made that anyone who has similar experience could easily set them up. The difference between laminate and parquet is that you dont have to polish or grind laminate.


Chose a wallpaper according to your taste and make an artistic creation on your wall. Let your imagination run wild and create with the help of new generation wallpapers. Wallpaper can be followed by a style that is prevalent in your home: classic, modern... You can refresh your favorite corner with floral rhapsody or enjoy the unusual abstract forms. Have the courage, live your life.

PVC strips 25525

PVC moldings 25525 are suitable for flooring seam stitching such as laminate, parquet, ceramic, carpet... These strips are attached to the wall with metal handles. We fix metal handles to the wall with the help of screws and dowels. Strips mounted in this way you can always easily remove and put back if it is necessary. These strips can be also glued to the wall or knock with angles. The characteristics of the materials of which they were made makes them easy to cut.


Beogradski put 100
Telephone: 024/521-252
Mobile phone: 062/224-771
E-mail: excellence@suonline.net
Web: www.laminati.rs

More contacts:

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all types of parquet
corner slats
decor slats
decorative wallpaper
flis tapete
floor parquet laminated floor
laminált fröccsöntő
laminate floor
laminate mouldings
laminate Subotica
laminated floors
laminated parkets
laminated sheets
laminates sales
mass slats
modern wallpaper
moldings for laminate
Company Info ::::.

service description:

Automatic wire twisting machine

Our new offer:

- WIRE WITH A LOOP for lowered ceilings

5cmx5cm/2mm, electrically welded. Ideal solution for inner concrete for strengthening concrete screed.

- Protective CONSTRUCTION FENCES - NETS, height - 1m, length - 50m.

"Trojka Ltd." was established in 1996.03.20. We have survived on the market thanks to the quality of our services and products. We are always ready to provide the best services and to meet the requirements of our customers.


- Reliable and high-quality van transport on the territory of Serbia and the EU as per the needs and requirements of the customer.


- Trapezoidal sheet

- Lexan

- Eval

- Onduline

- Bearing H beams

- OSB panels

- Concrete poles

- Metal poles


- Braided galvanized and coated wire
- Galvanized wire for fencing and other purposes
- Plastic coated wire


- Braided wire installation
- Mechanical soil drilling for seedlings

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amusement park
automatic knitting machine wire
burned wire
galvanized wire
installacion of plastic wires
installation of galvanized wire
Company Info ::::.

service description:

Aluminum moldings, building boards, aluminum profiles...

Dominijum Ltd. is a company, which has successfully engaged in the production and distribution of aluminum profiles for several years, as well as of acrylic and PVC strips.

These profiles are used in construction during the execution of the final work. They are intended to protect: the outer edges, stairs, internal angles and similar. All aluminum profiles are made of anodized aluminum. In addition to the protective function of aluminum and PVC profiles have a decorative function. They are easy to install and can fit anywhere.

In the past few years we have achieved successful cooperation with foreign producers of aluminum and PVC profiles, as well as with local companies.
Company activity is conducted through wholesale and retail of aluminum and PVC-strips.

Our goal is to have a responsible attitude towards all customers, quality products and quality services, to expand and improve our operations.

- Profiles of the inner corner
- Dilatation profiles
- Borders
- Transitional profiles
- Ledges
- Stairs profiles

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additional line slats
alu and pvc strips
aluminium and pvc production
aluminium and pvc sale
aluminium profile
aluminium slats
aluminum and plastic profile
aluminum and pvc door
aluminum and PVC fittings
aluminum and pvc showcase
aluminum profiles
bathroom slats
carpenter PVC irons
corner slats
decor slats
decorative pvc panels
decorative slats
exclusive alu and pvc carpentry 
Fittings for PVC doors
fittings for PVC windows
Company Info ::::.

service description:

New store in Belgrade:
Smederevski put - Bulevar revolucije 45

Dual - Production of profiled facade metal sheets for roofs.

Production of profiled metal sheets for covering buildings and related construction metal sheets.
Profiled sheets are intended for covering roofs and facades of not heated buildings or as final coating of ventilated roofs and facades.

Production and sales of trapeze metal sheets, aluminum walls, gutters and other construction metal sheets.

Aluminum walls are produced from aluminum metal sheets. It is extremely resistant to water and atmospheric effects, is does not get corrosion, does not need any maintenance neither if it is embedded in your inner nor in outer space.

The final elements of the aluminum walls are boards, and they are knocked with aluminum nails for a barbecue, a horn on a house or another prepared surface.
Construction metal sheet works are related mostly to the roof and gutters of roof windows or chimney.

Our products:

- tin tile panels
- profiled metal sheets
- profiled metal sheets for roof and facade
- ribbed metal sheets
- aluminum walls
- gutters
- metal sheet accessories

- cutting of aluminum and galvanized metal sheets by the customers wish
- sheet bending


Element for life!

More contacts:

  • Tel.: 063 1173 028, 
  • Tel.: 063 622 560, 

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al metal sheets
aluminium baseboard
aluminium sheet
aluminium slats
aluminum sheets
building tinker
corrugated sheet metal with felt
cutting sheet metal
galvanized tin
hv sheet
metal products
metal sheet
metal sheets
Profiled roofing sheet
Company Info ::::

service description:

"OpGate" is an international trading company and have recently opened a warehouse distribution centre in Belgrade, Serbia. We offer a wide range of wood based products from all over the world. Our dedication to providing good quality products from reliable sources is uncompromising. Our teams consistently visit our manufacturers in order to maintain constant communication with our suppliers, quality control, prompt responsiveness to the changing market environment and to insure that our customer’s requirements are met order after order.

Years of experience have allowed us to acquire a large international network, granting our customers access to a variety of products at a competitive price.

Our innovative approach to the changing market provides us with the ability to continuously source for new products which better suites your market needs allowing our customer’s to make comfortable decisions in and ever changing environment.

A new area of development has lead us further into diversification and we have recently become active in the formworks and scaffolding market and can now offer …

your images:

Pavlos Zenonos & Sons

bearing H beams
construction boards
construction materials
flat material
flat materials
formwork for walls
furniture flat flat material
Company Info ::::
Čenej Nemanovci 39
Novi Sad, 21000
Tel.: 021 6419 092
Fax: 021 6419 092
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service description:

company : SZR BRAĆA ĆORE
address : Čenej Nemanovci 39 NOVI SAD
city : NOVI SAD
country : SRBIJA
telefon1 : 021 419 092
telefon2 : 063 419 358
fax : 021 419 092
email : goran.cora@gmail.com


pallet manufactur
Poplar wood scaffolding
Poplars and poplar boards Battery Production
Peeled fruit Boxes Battery Production

your images:

box palete
elements for pallets
elements of the crate
floors in crates
palletes production
poplar boards
production of peeled elements
purpose pallets
stakes crate
wooden packaging
Company Info ::::.

service description:

Mounting halls,
Residential containers,
Pvc and alu carpentry,
Production and mounting of steel constructions,
covering and hemming of industrial halls

Argus Inzenjering l.t.d. is a construction company for producing and mounting of steel halls for industrial objects, warehouses, sport halls, containers for residences, residential containers, weekend cottages, modular objects, selling pavilions, car salons, containers for loads, ship containers and other.

For industrial needs we produce platforms, bridges for pipelines and carrying machine constructions, transport systems and warehouse systems.

The company was established in 2002. and has 30 employees.
The team has mechanical and civil engineers.
Director is mr Dragan Erdevik, dipl.mech.ing.

Argus Inzenjering d.o.o.
Novi Sad


Main office: 021/466-490
Fax: 021/468-391
Production: 021/840-160
Director: 064/85-20-400


Main office:
PC Atrium, Narodnog fronta 73, Újvidék
Production hall and operations:
Almaska bb, Temerin
E-mail: argus@sbb.rs
Web: www.argus-eng.co.rs

your images:


 steel tubes
aluminium and pvc sale
aluminium carpentry production and assembly
aluminium door window
aluminum and plastic construction
assembly halls and warehouses
assembly objects
building carpenter
cargo containers
construction container
construction of assembly hall
container production
Company Info ::::.

service description:

Production of cardboards, cardboard packagings, cardboard boxes, moving boxes.


The main activity of the company is production of packagings from all kind of cardboards, with making services in this area. The system of work is based on production for known users.

Ten years of experience in production of cardboard packagings and constant innovation in our services guarantees and recommends us as a true and reliable partner. The quality of our work, strict observance of deadlines, packaging of finished products and prices of our services are the most important features which recommends us. So be our partner, because who once cooperates with us, remains and we know how to respect!

The company is also dealing with sale, import and distribution of raw materials for food industries.

All our production and sale services are making in our own production hall and warehouse.

Our products

New! Special boxes for moving
For clothes (smaller and bigger), boxes for plates, glasses, bottles...

1. American boxes

Main kind of box made of three-layer and five-layer corrugated cardboard, different qualities with or without print..

2. Embossed boxes

Different folding and self folding boxes made of three-layer and five-layer corrugated cardboard with or without print.

3. Lined packaging

Different kind of boxes, made of different materials with plastification, size B-1.

4. Chromo cardboard

Different kind of commercial boxes made of chromo cardboard in various qualities and weight. With or without print.

5. Boxes for food and drink delivery

As our own product for the past ten years we successfully maintain and extend range boxes for pizza delivery in the next sizes: 18, 22, 28, 32, 36, 42, 45, 51 I 60CM. We also produce pads for pizza slice in different sizes and angles.

6. Crates

We are producing more kinds of crates for transporting fruits and vegetables.

your images:

american box
board packaging
box for moving 
boxes for delivery
cardboard boxes
Company Info ::::.

Beograd, 11000
Interest on the map

service description:

Stillmont stands out with its wide range of products, especially high quality of their products with affordable prices, long life guarantee, high quality and professional relationship with clients.

Our policy is based on a simple principle: quality not quantity. That is our endeavor to offer to our customers products that meets the highest quality, safety, comfort and aesthetics with minimal costs.


  • Industrial sectional doors

  • Garage sectional doors

  • Sliding and swing gates

  • PVC joinery

  • Aluminum joinery

  • Aluminum fences and railings

  • Roof and wall thermal panels

  • Other construction tins

your images:

aluminum profiles
plastic chair table door window
pvc carpentry (table chair)
pvc joinery design and installation
PVC profiles
PVC slats
aluminum profiles
plastic chair
Company Info ::::.

service description:

Our company KOMERC PROGRES deals with importing and marketing tools, such as:

Power Tools
Electrical tools
Pneumatic tools
Cutting tools
Drilling tools

We are the authorized importers and distributers for the following well-known European brands, such as:

and a lot of other companies.

your images:

As fersa

abrasive materials
ball bearing
ball bearings
bearing as fersa
bearing sale
bearings as fersa
Company Info ::::.

Novi Sad, 21000
Interest on the map

service description:

Ambient is one of a leading distributor of floor clothing.
We represent leading world brands in production of laminate, parquet, carpet, PVC and OSB3 blocks.

Laminate is a floor clothing which is consist of 80-90 per cent of wood.
It has specific caracteristics like resistance on mechanical (insensitive to hits and scratches), chemical (not change under the influence of ultraviolet rays) and thermical (resistant on temperatures up to 180 degrees) influences.
-laminate 12mm
-laminate 6mm
-laminate 7mm
-laminate 8mm
-OSB3 blocks

Oriented Strand Board (OSB) is made of fir. This construction material is mainly used for house building with easy construction.

Parquet is a natural material made from wood. It is durable and economic. It can be fixed easily.

Our advantages are excellent repair service, quick delivery and extensive network of sales managers throughout Serbia.

your images:

commercial pvc floors
floor and wall coating carpet
floor parquet laminated floor
laminated sheet
pvc floor
Company Info ::::.

service description:

Savic doo was established in 08.10.1990. Since then it is a constant and growing business thanks primarily to the quality of their products and services, and then gaining the trust of satisfied customers and business partners.

Whether you plan to build a new home or just decorating your existing home, in our company you can find everything what you need for arrangement of interior, exterior, bathroom, joinery by world standards, insulation for your home, covering with the latest roof covers, and all accompanying materials, cement and specialty adhesives.

The needs and the wishes of the customer are always on the first place in company Savic. Our company is a unique partner when it comes to building materials, since it offers a wide range of products over 7.000 items that fit perfectly into every aspect of modern interior and exterior environment.

Visit our warehouse, our friendly and trained stuff will help you making the right choice, according to your needs, taste and budget, making your shopping a pleasure.

your images:

brick tile coating field rock
building trade material stocks
cement concrete binder
ceramic equipment with bath
ceramics sanitary
Company Info ::::.

service description:

The product range of the company BOSAL is made of few kinds of doors. At the very beginning we would like to set apart the security door, as the most remarkable product of our company. The security door BOSAL are the high quality door and offer maximum protection.

Apart from the security door, our program is expanded to the indoor door, safeguarding door, ballistic and the door with additional sound isolation.

The products are not made serially, but on the request of the customers, depending on their needs. The materials used for the make of the doors are chosen carefully and made of a very high quality.

During the 15 years of the production of doors, we have improved the technique and the technology of the production, have chosen the materials of the highest quality, enriched the production program and followed the trends in design.

We pay special attention to the door design. Choose the design for your door according to you affinity, fit them in the interior and use the help of our kind staff.

We will make a door just for you

Why that BOSAL?

  • We have 15 years of successful business

  • We produce most secure and best quality doors on the market, with no recorded case of a successful break-ins.

  • We make manufacturing exclusively according to special needs and wishes.

  • We make final cuts and superb finishes on modern machines.

  • We can help you in creating a non-standard door sizes.

  • We can service the product during warranty period, and after final deadline.

  • We can help you to create your own brand through door combination to our program.

  • Our team is made out of friendly and professional staff that will answer on any of your questions.

  • We make a complete service on a “turnkey”: taking all relevant measures, transportation, dismantling of existing and new door installation of BOSAL door.
  • your images:

    armored door
colored MDF doors
door projecting 
entrance doors
equipments for doors
fire doors
fit security door 
inside door
interior doors
MDF internal doors
MDF veneered doors
measure made doors
outdoor doors
production of internal doors
production of security doors
resistant door
room doors
safety door
security entrance doors
security room doors
special door
street door
veneered MDF door
armored door
colored MDF doors
door projecting 
entrance doors
equipments for doors
fire doors
fit security door 
inside door
interior doors
MDF internal doors
MDF veneered doors
measure made doors
outdoor doors
production of internal doors
production of security doors
resistant door
room doors
safety door
security entrance doors
security room doors
special door
street door
veneered MDF door
armored door
colored MDF doors
door projecting 
entrance doors
equipments for doors
fire doors
    Company Info ::::.

    service description:

    "Horizont komerc" company is occupied with production, purchase and sale of europallets, as well as all other types of pallets.

    On this site we offer a large office space for various purposes, to interested business partners.

    your images:

    epal euro pallets
pallet for one use
    Company Info ::::.

    service description:

    "Luke enterijer company was established in 2002. in Zeleznik. The main occupation is manufacture of internal dividing doors.
    We have many years of experience on market, a large number of residental, business and productional objects, a lot of different technical demands which always gives us an appropriate solution to make a choice which material and technology to use.


    We also make:

    -interior designing by project
    -veneer of batten and stock profiles
    -veneer of flat surfaces
    -burning flutings, curved cutting, hole drilling for locks, hinges and preparation of elements for installation of different kinds of chains, all other operations on cnc centre proccessing
    -final proccessing in chamber with overpressure - painting, varnishing

    your images:

    arranging of interior
carpentry by measure
development manufacturing doors
entrance doors
equipment for furniture manufacturing
inside door
installation of furniture
interior decoration
MDF internal doors
MDF veneered doors
    Company Info ::::.
    Francuska 6/I
    Beograd, 11000
    Tel.: 011/734-6675
    Fax: 011/734-6676
    on the map

    service description:

    Bioenergy Point, business company founded in 2007, is registered for business operations in the area of renewable energy sources. As a leader on the Serbian market, in October 2008, our company started the production of wood pellets in its newly built production plant in Boljevac, Eastern Serbia.

    The production plant’s capacity is 35. 000 tons per year. The production plant boasts brand new equipment, obtained in the Netherlands (CPM – presses), Germany (Bruks-Kloeckner – chipper), Croatia (Seting – drying plants) and Slovenia (Robotika – packing machines).

    Did you know?

    - wooden pellets burn so purely that there is almost no emission of gases in atmosphere
    - pellets produce more heat than oil, natural gas or log wood
    - 30 kg of pellets can provide 24 hours of heating for 150 m2 area
    - currently, in Canada and USA more than a million pellet-fuelled furnaces and fireplaces are used

    About wood pellets

    Wood pallets appeared back in the 70s as a response to energy crisis. Wood pallets are bio-fuel made of compressed wood which provide consistent and economic heating.

    Ecological bio-fuel

    Wood pellets are efficient carbon-neutral fuel – one gram of released CO2 engages one gram in the photosynthesis and this maintains the balance of carbon in the environment. Wood pallets combustion is so pure that it is almost impossible to notice any wood smoke coming from the chimneys, with ash content of just 1%.


    Wood pellet combustion produces almost no creosote, the main cause for furnace and fireplace fires.


    The process of manufacturing wood pellet includes tons and tons of sawdust, wood chips and wood by-products, which would otherwise end up as waste. And this is not all, we also process wood waste by returning it to production.

    Convenient usage

    Unlike wood logs, wood pellets are packed in 15kg bags and are clean and practical to store as they do not make your premises dirty, do not attract insects and take up just a quarter of the space required for storing wood logs. Due to very low ash content, the time between two cleanings of the stove is longer and this expensive and daunting process is reduced to its minimum.


    We produce wood pellets by grinding, drying, additional chopping and pressing of the raw material (sawdust, wood chips, etc.). As they are made of 100% wood, our pellets are denser and heavier, which results in slower and more balanced combustion and this makes them a highly efficient fuel.
    The production takes place in controlled conditions and in compliance with DIN 51731 standard: 6 mm in diameter, up to 30 mm in length, below 10% of moisture and over 1.12 kg/dm³ in density.
    One of the main advantages of wood pellets is that the ash content produced by the burning amounts to about 1%, with energy value of over 18 MJ per kilogram. Pellets are used for furnaces and heating boilers, in houses and flats, as well as in larger users’ premises.

    More contacts:

    • Proizvodni pogon Boljevac
      Izvorski put bb, 19370 Boljevac
      Tel.: 030/64-295, 
    • Tel.: 030/64-278, 

    your images:

Biomass pelleting
ecological bricket 
environment protection
pellet lines
pellet production
Technology briquetting pelleting biomass
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