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Logistic Team Sekulić

Company Logistic Team Sekulić will soon end works on building one of the most contemporary logistic centres in the region.

New logistic centre is just an extension of 15 years long successful business of company International Transport Sekulić.

When deciding to start this project, the idea was to offer on Serbian market to international, as well as local companies, complete logistic support in terms of warehousing, expedition and transport.

The companys goal and motto is "Partner for future". Our desire is to enable our partners to focus completely on their main field of work, whether it is production or sales, while we take over all activities related to logistic support in order to achieve their goals with united forces – which is, in the first place, to have satisfied final consumer.


- Warehouse
- Forwarding
- Transport
- Office Space

Logistic Team Sekulić - WAREHOUSE

Warehouse is equipped with contemporary high palette shelve system (Pal Rack) with capacity of 7500 places for palettes.

What separates this centre from the others and makes it a pioneer in this field are capacities for:

* ADR goods (1200 places for palettes are provided for ADR goods from 3rd to 8th class, with temperature from 5 to 15ºC). This part of the warehouse was built with special materials (stone wool) regulated by legal act about warehousing of this kind of goods.
* Goods wich warehouse and storage regime demands regulated temperature, with 700 places for palettes with temperature regime on 0ºC
* So as 4600 places for palettes with temperature regime on -25ºC, more known as Minus comparments.

Among warehouse services we offer basic services of loading, unloading, reloading, but also additional services of packing, repacking, declaring, all that by partners request.

One of the very important services today, when competition is strong and cost control is most important in the whole process for our partners, is stock control -by following total goods input, goods output, average hold time, rotation speed…

Warehouse has 18 ramps for loading/unloading, with possible load of 8 tones per ramp.

Expeditious part has area of 920 m², which serves for goods loading and unloading.

Equipment for warehouse manipulation is made by renowen producer Jungheinrch.

Logistic Team Sekulić - Forwarding

Company Logistic Team Sekulić has clearly set its mission, which is to offer maximal support to partners and to optimise process in distribution chain, in order to help in creating competitive advance on the market. Therefore role of expedition service is very clear and determined by companys mission. Expedition service will take over all important processes that will leave our partners space to focus on sales or production.

Logistic Team Sekulić - TRANSPORT

The company offers services of goods transportation in domestic, as well as in international traffic, from any part of Europe to warehouse on destination determined by our partners.

In its fleet, the company owns more tens of VOLVO trucks type "EURO-3" i "EURO-2".

We have national insurance policy for international transport in value of several hundreds of thousand dolars!

We own 10 CEMT licences.

Our usual destinations from Serbia are to Belgium, Holland, France, Germany, Italy, Bulgaria, Hungary, Macedonia as well as to all other countries of European Union. We also offer transport services within countries of European Union.

Logistic Team Sekulić - Office Space

The company offers to its client’s contemporary equipped office space with area of 1800 m². All users of the space will also have restaurant services available.

All offices are equiped with air condition system.

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