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The AzotAgroDunav company was founded in August of 2006 as a Serbian-Russian joint company with equally divided shareholders equity. 50% of shares holds Russian founder joint-stock company KuibysevAzot.

The core business of the company is sales of high quality mineral fertilizers made by KuibysevAzot and the goal is to expand on Serbian market.

The whole production is being delivered in bulk, or in 50 kg bags, also available in big-bags. Minimum quantity of the delivery is 1500 tons.

For signing the supply contract it’s necessary to send by fax or e-mail request including:

- product name;
- quantity and delivery date;
- type of packaging;
- shipping method;
- the port of discharge/destination station in Serbia;
- company requisites;
- contact information.

Supply contract is being signed after receiving request. After signing a contract, the 100% prepay account is being presented. After settling the account, goods are ready to dispatch from the factory.

-Goods are being delivered by ships consignment of 1500 tons in terms of 45 to 60 days.
-There is also possibility of delivering by train in 25 to 45 days.

Unloading is taking place in ports of Serbia: Novi Sad, Bachka Palanka, Bogoevo, Panchevo, Smederevo. The rates of unloading and it’s readiness for reception of goods are defined in contract.

KuibyshevAzot OJSC, Russia
Holding Univerzal, Serbia
Mineral fertilizer plant Fertil, Serbia
Hibrid a.d., Serbia
Promist, Serbia
AgroGlobe, Serbia
Vojvodina AGRAR DOO, Serbia
Almex, Serbia