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In 1
-DRYER, in the drying season, for drying fruit, vegetables, wild plants and herbs

-INCUBATOR, in winter conditions, for growing vegetables (crop seedlings, spinach, lettuce, onion), soft fruit, flowers, mushrooms and other species of plants with a weak root system as well as lowmaintenance plants; trays in the chamber are spread apart and the
chamber is filled with earth – compost and the seeds of a particular plant are sown; occasional irrigation is required, since heating, ventilation and natural light are already available; 100% automated.

I Principle of functioning of the dryers

Solar dryers use the sun`s energy based on electromagnetic radiation in the spectrum of global solar radiation with the wavelength of 0.28-2.5 μm,
i.e. in the visible and infrared spectrum, and in this way provide from 70%
to 100% of energy that is required for the process of drying, depending on weather conditions – whether drying takes place on sunny or cloudy days.

The dryers are mobile (movable, with wheels) and during the drying process they are exposed to the sun in order to absorb the amount of energy that is necessary for drying.

The dryers can also work as convective dryers when there is no sun, i.e. at night and in winter conditions, using additional sources of heat – electric heater, wood, biomass or TNG, depending on the type of the dryer.

II Types of the dryer
Solar dryers are patent-protected and they include the following types:

1. Solar dryers with electric heaters – thermogroups, as additional energy sources:

a) SKS – 120; capacity: 120 kg of raw material (plums)

b) SKS – 240; capacity: 240 kg of raw material

c) SKS – 360; capacity: 360 kg of raw material

2. Solar dryers with a special heat generator as an additional energy system based on wood, biomass and gas of the following types:

a) SKS/G-240; capacity: 240 kg of raw material

b) SKS/G-360; capacity 360 kg of raw material

They are convenient to use in orchards and can function on the principle of natural air circulation.

These dryers are also equipped with thermogroups as an additional energy system just like the SKS type in addition to the heat generator, i.e. they
possess a double, additional heating system of thermal energy, which makes them universal.

These are standard variants of induction ; however, other solutions with greater capacity can also be made on demand.

3. Solar dryers for herbs dried in layers

a) Cut into pieces and sprinkled up to the height of 0.5 m in the

b) Sprinkled only over the bottom of the dryer of the access object chamber with the capacity of 1,000 kg of raw material per cycle.
type, intended for the work with mechanized tools used in the processes of arrival, unloading, loading and transportation of the substance in the form of a bale; the capacity: up to 3,000 kg of raw material per cycle.

Greater capacity is available on demand.

III Specificity of the dryers

Solar dryers significantly differ from the ordinary drying technology in the way of functioning and the quality of the drying of a product in the following ways:

1. In the technical sense : the dryers are constructed in such a way as to be simple and light, mobile and spatially optimised in accordance with their capacity and functionality; operating them is easy and safe and it requires only one person to operate the dryer, thanks to a high degree of automation.

2. In the technological sense: since the process of drying takes place in entirely natural conditions at the temperature of 45-90°C, optimally 70°C, the organic structure of molecular compounds does not change, the
skin of the product does not crack and the juice is not lost, the vitamin combination is not disturbed nor are there changes in the colour, smell and taste. There is no danger of overheating, charring and fire; the mode of work is automated, all that is needed is to set the temperature for drying a particular product. Several species of plants can be dried at the
same time and each will preserve its own characteristics.

3. In the economical sense: the dryers are relatively cheap and favourable since a very small amount of additional energy is used for drying, i.e. the
drying is based on free solar energy.

IV Principle of functioning of the incubator
The principle of functioning of the incubator is identical to that of the dryer and it is adjusted for the cultivation of any species of plant since the
appropriate environment (temperature, light, moisture and draught), very similar to the natural conditions, is created by the incubator. Trays are made of stainless steel S4580, so they can be filled with earth-compost moisturized with water which contains the solution of nutritious and protective substances necessary for cultivation.

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